Square peg, round hole.

Day 103 of 365: Sheri


This week, we had 3 different meetings with potential clients.The 3 companies (and experiences, in general) could not have been more different. Let me give you a visual.

Company #1: Forward thinking, established, clearly sees the value in hiring nutrition experts- in fact, 4 of their employees are dietitians or have a nutrition background.

Company #2: Health-food store, heavily into alternative therapies, not trusting of science-based nutrition and antiquated in all things marketing/public relations.

Company #3: Start-up, operating in a shared office space for entrepreneurs, founders are still in college. The product is unique, the team was bright, driven and clearly appreciated our specialization.

These vastly different experiences made us think about the importance of making sure that you are the best fit for your clients. At this stage of our company, it’s tempting to try to be everything to everyone- in the interest of building our client base. But, in reality, we need to be picky. We need to work with companies that appreciate our expertise and with whom we can build a good working relationship. While you can never be quite sure that this is the case- there are definitely some red flags that we’ve noticed…

1.) Philosophical differences. If we are talking to a potential client and their nutrition beliefs do not align with ours, it’s a deal breaker.

2.) They don’t understand the value we bring. This is tricky because its our responsibility to show them the value but, there are people who clearly don’t understand our work.

3.) They can’t define success. It’s really hard (read: impossible) for us to make sure our proposal and work will meet their needs if they themselves can’t define what success looks like to their company.

How do you identify clients that might not be a good fit? 

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