5 Things I Learned This Weekend

Day 259 of 365: Sheri

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was my first time spending a night (two actually) alone with the boys. Here’s what I learned: 

1.) My two year old is very capable. I think moms tend to be the universal problem solver. Missing sock? Got it. Ran out of milk? On it. Can’t find Mickey? Found him. But when I was alone this weekend, I couldn’t tend to Quinn as attentively as I usually do. And guess what? He figured things out. Noted.

2.) Cleaning up is overrated. Typically, Jon or I spend some time putting all the toys away after Quinn goes to bed. But this weekend, I just didn’t do it. There were other things that I needed to do. And I realized that no one was going to see the living room before Quinn got up and trashed it again by 7am. AM I CLEANING FOR THE DOG?!

3.) I should go to bed right after my kids more often. After doing the bare minimum (and not cleaning up the toys!), I went to bed. Both nights I was in bed by 8:30. I should do that on the reg. Mama needs more sleep.

4.) My husband is a champ. Ok, I didn’t learn this, I already knew it. But, I got a good reminder this weekend. He really does so much around here to help things run smoothly and I am one lucky lady! 

5.) I really, really LOVE these guys… especially when they’re all together! 

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