A day in the life 

Day 260 of 365: Steph

The day started off with your typical day at the office…

I had a conference call with my biz partner. One of our co-workers was particularly vocal during the call which made it a little hard to concentrate…

But it didn’t stop us from getting our day organized. It was actually a productive day! We wrapped up a few projects, got some writing done, prepped for Friday’s video shoot and wrote/submitted a proposal to a prospective client. Long gone are the days of spending hours debating over pricing. It feels good to know that we have learned enough to the point where proposals are written and sent out the door in less than an hour now!

After wrapping up for the afternoon, my other co-worker was ready to party….

So I strapped the baby into the baby Bjorne carrier and walked across the street with the two girls to our neighbors house….

After play time it was time to play more. So we came home, had a quick bath time, and came downstairs to find dinner ready and Uncle John was here! After dinner, Maddy wanted to show Uncle John her new train…

Now it’s almost bed time for the girls and everyone is getting cozy…

All in all, it was a great Monday! 

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