OMG. Pass the wine. 

Day 262 of 365: Steph

We are SWAMPED until May 18th. And it’s not like it’ll end after that because literally a month later we have a huge sponsorship program starting that will last several weeks.

This is a first for both of us….being swamped at work while also caring for newborns. Not to mention the stakes are high bc the projects reflect directly on OUR business. And they are big, important projects. 

And today was just one of those days that flew by and I felt like nothing was accomplished. 

So I’m not gonna write much more bc need to get back to what I was doing….oh yeah not much work bc this is currently happening as I write this…

Yes I’m an awesome mom who takes selfies and writes blog posts when her infant is crying. Deal with it. 

Needless to say, Sheri had perfect timing when she sent this in a text to me this morning…#PleaseLetItBeTrue

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