All about preparation. 

Day 273 of 365: Sheri 

Vacation is wonderful but it’s always nice to come home and back to your normal routine. Especially true when traveling with little ones! Thankfully, we had today to  recover and prep for the week. 

While Jon did some yard work, the boys and I visited with my sister’s family: 

And went for a Sunday drive: Then, I got very lucky with a double nap (#winning) so I prepped some food for the week. In my opinion, when it comes to eating well and making weeknights stress-free, it really is all about preparation. I like to take some time on Sunday (when I can!) to do small things that speed up cooking and make meals easier. Today, I made some hard-boiled eggs, chopped vegetables, cooked wheat berries (for topping salads), made a spice rub (for pork tenderloin) and baked a whole-grain calzone for a busy night dinner. It is SO nice knowing that the fridge is stocked and meals are semi-organized! 

Now, time for bed. Hope you have a great week! 

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