More exclamation points!!!!

Day 274 of 365: Steph

You may recall from a post Sheri wrote a few weeks back, we LOVE exclamation points.

So it won’t be a surprise that when I received the following message from our client today, a HUGE smile came across my face:

After receiving that text I was like…..

We had a big success with a PR campaign we are working on which was the reason for the exclamation points. And you know what? I’LL TAKE IT. PR is such a stressful thing bc you basically have ZERO control over your results. The most you can do is figure out the BEST hook, tell it the BEST way, and then do your BEST to sell the story. Reporters receive hundreds of pitches a day. If you are not the best pitch they’ve heard that day, you lose. So my friends, today was a win and I’m pumped! 

Other wins today included:

  • Bathing both girls and getting a healthy dinner cooked and on the table before 6 PM while Richie started building a swing set in our backyard
  • Realizing we are halfway to our revenue goals for the year and it’s not even halfway through the year yet! 
  • Getting Clara to sleep in the swing so I can go watch more Sense8 on Netflix because you know what???? #IDeserveIt (and I might be slightly addicted to the show.)

And on that note…


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