Another close call

Day 275 of 365: Sheri


I’m lying in bed and the lights are out- I was just thisclose to forgetting to post! So, I’m going to make this very quick. I had a night that is best described as follows:


(Spoiler Alert: “I’ve had enough” mommy showed up.)

If you couldn’t tell from Steph’s post yesterday, we are on a major work high this week. And, it has prompted us to reflect on the past couple of months and give ourselves a good pat on the back. It’s pretty wild to think about how much has happened to us both personally and professionally in the 2 months since baby #1 arrived.

During our pregnancies, we struggled with all of the unknowns. It felt impossible to plan because we just didn’t know how gracefully (or not) the babies would enter the world. Now that we are on the other side, and were blessed to have very graceful babies, its pretty incredible to look back. I’m so proud of us for maintaining and even growing our business during this crazy time. Someday, we’ll look back at this and have no idea how we did it. But we did. And I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring!

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