Day 278 of 365: Steph

22 years ago on May 12, 1995, I was in the school cafeteria of Lincoln Park Elementary School eating lunch with my best friend Narjara when we saw the cafeteria door open. In walked our friend Kevin. Narjara got up and walked over to him to say hello. Then she came back to the table and said, “He has a question for you.” So I walked over and he said “Richie wants to know if you’ll be his girlfriend.” I was in 5th grade and Rich was in 6th. They were out at lunch recess when Rich decided to make his move. I said “yes!” And then twirled back to my seat.

Yadda yadda yadda and…

17 years later we were married on May 12, 2012.

5 years after that and we have two beautiful girls and a life that I am insanely grateful for every single day.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the love of my life!

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