Cheers to YOU!

Day 279 of 365: Sheri

It is a special weekend for the M365 tribe- a time to recognize all of you amazing Moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU! 

I’m blessed to have been raised by a strong, smart, supportive and wonderful mother. She taught me how to love unconditionally and until I became a mother myself, I’m not sure I truly understood that lesson. When I got married, I was blessed again, to be welcomed into a family led by another incredibly loving, dedicated mother.


With each passing year, as more of my family and friends have children, I am surrounded my more and more mom role models. There is my sister who is arguably the hardest working mom I know. She is so dedicated to her career and her family- a true momtreprenuer. There is my sister-in-law, whose strength as a mother, is nothing short of inspiring.

And then there are my friends (including my amazing biz partner!) and now, all of you! Thank you for following along and for everything you do, everyday. Happy Mother’s Day!

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