Happy Mother’s Day!

Day 280 of 365: Steph

Yesterday I texted my good friend who just became a mom last month and told her what I think makes a good mom:

  • LEARN – Take the time to learn who they are. And then help them become the best version of themself that they can be.
  • LOVE – Love them unconditionally (which does not equal being perfect).
  • LISTEN – Be a good, active listener.

I’m so lucky to have some amazing moms in my life to learn from and this is what I’ve learned from them and from my own experience. Being a good mom does not mean being perfect. We need to give ourselves a chance to breathe and to let things be easy when they can be. We need to relax once in a while and get rid of the guilt!

So raise that glass of wine tonight mamas and ENJOY! Take that bubble bath. Go for that run. Get those nails done. Book that massage. Let the cleaning wait. Sleep in. Do all the things that make you happy!


And a special thank you to these two for making me a mom – the best thing that’s ever happened to me! 

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