Adventures in Momtreprenur-ing

Day 283 of 365: Sheri

Today, we decided to change up our scenery a bit and take the littles on an adventure to work from a coffee shop. I couldn’t help but think about how much I’ve changed as a mother. The difference between baby #1 and baby #2 is astonishing. To say I’m more relaxed is a total understatement. Exhibit A:

What you see here is what I like to call port-a-baby. Stuck underneath Owen’s little bum is a spare diaper, an extra onesie and some wipes. Then, there is the bottle of pumped milk (doubling as a mechanism to hold his head in place) and under the blanket is a burp cloth. What more do I need?

If this was Quinn, you would see a huge diaper bag, 5 more blankets, about 50 diapers and 100 other random things that I absolutely do NOT need. Ahhh…feels good to travel (relatively) light!

Our little experiment worked pretty well! Clara and Owen were very well-behaved and gave us a solid 3 hours of work time. At one point, I took a call with a client outside while Steph kept the babes content:

Now, I’m having a little fun testing recipes with some frozen cranberries on this very hot May Day! Stay cool, everyone!

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