Office Goals

Day 290 of 365: Steph

One of my favorite things about our business is the interesting places it brings us. Today it brought us to the coolest office I have ever seen.

We were taking photographs/video for a client at one of their clients’ offices. It’s a global digital business with some awesome employee perks including one of the biggest kitchens I’ve seen. Complete with beer kegs, coffee kegs, espresso bars, snacks galore, catering, cupcakes, tables and chairs and boothes and couches and lounge areas….the bathroom even had a Listerine dispenser. Everyone was wearing comfortable clothes and everyone we encountered was insanely nice and happy. 

Out of respect for their privacy I don’t want to post too many pics or identify them. But holy moly was this place awesome. 

Now I am not sure whether Food & Communications businesses could ever reach this level of expendable income, but I tend to dream big.

This is the kind of office we want some day. We want to build a business that has employees who are genuinely excited to come to work every day. Who feel valued and have lots of creative freedom to grow and learn. 

I’m thankful that our work brought us to this office today. It’s something I won’t soon forget!

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