Day 289 of 365: Sheri

What a wild day.

Stephanie and I have inadvertently surrounded ourselves by entrepreneurs. We aren’t entirely sure how it happened, but it did. The majority of our current and prospective clients are entrepreneurs. And now, we have found ourselves in an interesting position. We’ve been offered equity in exchange for our services. Have you ever been in this situation?

We serendipitously met a pair of serial entrepreneurs with an incredible idea. They are successful and experienced in starting, building, scaling and ultimately selling a biz. We do not (yet!) have those skills. But we happen to have just the skill set that they need to bring their concept to life. It’s a ying and yang kind of thing. And, we really enjoy the work. 

So, we need to make some serious decisions….

  1. Do we want to do this?
  2. Can we do this and continue to build our biz? 
  3. What actually needs to be done and, can we affordably outsource anything? 
  4. How confident are we that the company will be successful? And if it’s not, what will be lost? 
  5. If we do need to redirect some attention to this venture, can we outsource some of our company’s work?

We’ve got some major thinking and debriefing to do. If you have any experience with this, please share! 

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