A VERY good day!

Day 296 of 365: Steph

Today was a great way to start the week for both family and business. 

On the family front, our wonderful Nanny started today! She also happens to be Sheri’s nanny. (No we are not the SAME EXACT person but we are pretty darn close.) My girls LOVED her!!!! I’m so happy. She will be with us for two full days each week. It was a very liberating feeling to have paid childcare – something I’ve never experienced before today. All four of us loved it! (And I think/hope our nanny did too!)

On the business front, Sheri and I planned a strategic meeting for today. We looked at our revenue forecast, our marketing plans, our plans for client acquisition among a whole slew of other pieces of the business. And what we learned from today was that we are in pretty great shape! Our projected revenue is about 20% higher than we expected it to be at this point. Such a great feeling but the pressure is still on bc some of that is forecasted rather than actual. We also started to have REAL conversations about hiring and what that might look like in the near future. Exciting stuff! 

Back on the family side, after work today, we went up to the center of town to see my niece Jackie off for her senior prom. She looked STUNNING!!!!

The girls had a lot of fun. Maddy LOVES to make new friends and ran around hugging random strangers (all kids thank god) 😂. One of them didn’t mind and they ended up playing a game of “pull up the grass and stuff it in mom’s pocket.” It was fun. Now off to dinner with Dad and Uncle John! Have a great night!

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