Hope. Dream. Try.

Day 298 of 365: Steph

Omg what a day. My girls did not make it easy to work today. Concentrating was basically impossible. 

I am having a brief quiet moment while Clara naps and Maddy plays so I thought I’d write my post now while I can.

Today’s theme is HOPE. DREAM. TRY.

This is basically my motto for everything in life right now. Business. Family. And getting back in shape post partum! 

Sheri shares this motto. So today when we hit a roadblock during a brainstorm, we decided we needed a change of pace. So we worked out in my yard!

We did a 30 min 21 day fix extreme workout. Of course, it wasn’t long before we were joined by a third exerciser….

Doing a quick workout in the middle of the day is a good way to reset and get your mind back on track with a project. It works! We’ll be trying to do this more often. 

And staying true to form today, one of the girls is requiring my attention. That’s a wrap!!!

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