Three in a row

Day 297 of 365: Sheri

We are currently experiencing a growth spurt or some other infant thing that is seriously messing with my usually easy-going Owen. Three nights in a row. I’m pooped. 

As such, I’m writing this post on my phone, while swaying back and forth with the baby strapped on my bod in a moby wrap. Hopefully this is short-lived…mama needs some sleep.

Today we met our second summer intern and she’s great. Steph and I are so appreciative of our interns for many reasons…

1.) New (ahem, FRESH) perspective. We love hearing their ideas and feedback on how we can do things differently and better. Sometimes it’s very clear that we are too close to our work. A subjective opinion is helpful.

2.) Social Media skills. They grew up with social media. There is no training required. I’m pretty sure they got an instagram account on the same day they got a birth certificate. 

3.) Motivation. We’ve been very lucky. All of our interns have been good at taking our direction and very motivated. They understand the resume-value of interning with us. 

4.) Help us develop our management skills. Delegating tasks to someone (and communicating effectively with that person) is definitely a skill. Like most skills, practice is important. Working with the interns is a great way opportunity for us to do so. 

5.) They are free. #truth

OK…back to the marathon nursing…

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