It’s who you know..

Day 299 of 365: Sheri

…and who they know. 

When we started our biz, we instantly realized the value of our networks. We were overwhelmed by the support offered to us through our professional and personal connections. 

Now that it has been almost a year, this is as important as ever. As our network has broadened, so too, has our appreciation of it. We’ve met incredible people and noticed that many have a vast- seemingly endless- Rolodex of influential friends. They tend to be really good at forming professional relationships and using those connections wisely. 

I’ve been taking notes. Here are some networking best practices that I’ve observed: 

  1. They are generous. With time, resources, referrals and especially with making introductions to others in their network. 
  2. They are grateful. You always get a “thank you”- often in the form of a returned favor.
  3. They consider the collective WIIFM. When meeting new people, they always think about how working together benefits both parties. Because everyone ultimately wants to know: what’s in it for me? 
  4. They stay in touch. It might be something as simple as forwarding an interesting/pertinent article. But they recognize that you never know when you’re going to need a favor. 
  5. They look for creative ways to collaborate. Partnerships are not always obvious and should never be forced but, they explore all possibilities.

I have learned a lot from these master networkers- and I hope to be one someday soon! 🙂 

What are your favorite networking tricks?

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