It was an Eggscellent Day!

Day 302 of 365: Steph

Today may have made top 5 favorite days I’ve had since we launched our biz! And it wasn’t because of our fabulous road pumping stop….

(yup…that happened.)

In my previous job, I had the pleasure of going to several farms every year. I loved meeting the farmers and learning about the food production process. It was one thing I knew I was really going to miss when we decided to “take the plunge.” 

Today reminded me just how much I love learning about farming and agriculture and the hard work farmers put into making food for a growing population.

We had the opportunity to tour our client’s farm, The Country Hen, in Hubbardson, MA today. What a farm! They are doing it right in every way – from animal welfare to record keeping – this establishment is pristine.

We learned so much, but possibly my favorite part of the tour was learning about the feed that they give their chickens. The “secret formula” is just that – SECRET! But we learned a few fast facts that – if you’re a food geek like me – you’ll appreciate:

  • Calcium carbonate is added to the feed so the hens can make the eggshell. Who woulda thought?
  • TCH feed is organic and is a superior blend of protein to carbohydrate with omega-3s that makes for the best feed in the country. It took a dedicated owner, human and chicken nutritionists from around the world, and a lot of hard work to come up with this feed!
  • Chickens are territorial. They like their specific space and if you take them out of it, they will find their way back to their favorite spot in no time! 

We learned so much more than that but it’s getting late and I’m ready for a little R&R! But if you’re intrigued, stay tuned on the FRESH Comm. blog bc we’ll be posting a full review in the coming weeks! Have a good night! 

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