Wannabe farmers. 

Day 307 of 365: Sheri

Today’s post is inspired by my no-longer-secret desire to be a farmer. When we go for walks, I scout backyards for nice veggie gardens and have MAJOR garden envy.  The two major problems with my aspirations are: 

1.) I barely have time to shower and,

2.) I have literally killed every plant I’ve ever owned. And several of my parents plants during house-sitting stints.

That said, the desire is there. So, I’m taking it slow with some herbs and a cucumber plant. Ironically, my dad has a major green thumb and has been known to bring plants back from the dead. It’s a shame that I didn’t inherent that gift. He’s currently growing a variety of plants in eggshells! Have you ever tried this?! Love this idea! I’ll definitely do this when the kiddos are older. 

Quinn is a total wannabe farmer right now. He loves visiting farms and parades through life singing ‘Old McDonald’, as you saw in my last post. Today, we took him to a small local farm to visit some llamas, pigs and chicken!  

Now, time to plant and (hopefully) grow some veggies! Happy Saturday, all!

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