You’re doing something wrong if….

Day 310 of 365: Steph

Did that headline make you click? If so, please say “yes” in the comment section. I’m using your answer as an unofficial focus group. 

In the past I’ve generally been good about not letting thoughts about work keep me up at night. Whelp…that trait flies right out the door once you own a business.

Work has always been personal to me…I hold my goals and accomplishments as well as my challenges and failures very close to the heart. But I also have found a way to maintain a thick skin which you absolutely need in this business. But one thing I haven’t quite mastered yet is checking out/powering down/turning the brain OFF.

So last night I was up in the middle of the night, not because of my 2 month old, but because my brain was spinning on Newsletter subject lines. Yup. Completely unnecessary.

One of the lines was the title of this post. “You’re doing something wrong if…” 

I’m not sharing the others bc they are TOP SECRET. 

I’m not totally sure what would go into that Newsletter yet but I am pretty sure you’re doing something wrong if you’re awake at 2 am thinking about Newsletter subject lines. 

Anyway, I did not work from home today but this some ecard says it all. Goodnight! 

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