Is it just a fling? Or is this for real? 

Day 312 of 365: Steph

Many moons ago (three months ago) we may have told you about a deal we made with a well known company to “test the partnership.” We discounted our price and agreed to a three month contract in the spirit of getting to know each other. The plan was to test the waters to see if we were a good fit for a long term partnership.

The project was a booming success. The relationships have developed and the foundation has been set. It’s clear to us now that this is not just a fling…it’s the real deal.

Now there is another big project that’s about to start next week – which we just got word of today. Timelines are tight. So we are put in an interesting position: Having to balance the time we need to make this next project another booming success vs the time we need to iron out a partnership agreement at an increased cost for a longer timeline. And to top that off, we are ALL swamped. Woof.

One issue that keeps coming to mind is pricing. We really love this company – the people, the concept, and all the creative things we could do together. But we priced our services lower than normal when we began the partnership bc we were considering it a trial. Now we have to hope our client remembers that and is expecting the price to increase. Otherwise we might be in for a slightly awkward conversation. 

I’m confident that it’s all going to work out. But it’s an interesting situation nonetheless because we have to move quickly and there’s not much time for negotiation. In my book, the jury is out on whether this is a good strategy. We shall see! 

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