It’s a start-up life for us.

Day 313 of 365: Sheri

It’s a hard knock start-up life for us…it’s a hard knock start up life for us…

Our intern, Jennie, must think we are crazy. Today, we asked her to meet us at my parents’ house because we needed her to help us practice assembling our tent for a series of media appearances this summer. She walked in and the first thing she heard was, “Hi! Do you like my Mickey shirt?”

She was instantly swarmed by two, 2 year olds- Quinn and my nephew. Fortunately, she is a good sport and does, in fact, like Mickey shirts. We all went outside to set up the tent…with an audience, of course: 

We love the tent! 

 The process took a bit longer than we expected. So, instead of going back to my house for an 11 am call with one of our clients, we were forced to huddle up (Stephanie, Jennie and I) in a spare bedroom and take the call…on a bed. Fortunately, it was a king-size bed. #fancy. 

 Welcome to start-up/mom life, Jennie!

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