Awesome dads! 

Day 314 of 365: Steph 

It’s Saturday! Unfortunately I’m having a bit of a hard time getting into “weekend mode.” There’s a big week ahead for business for several reasons and my list of ideas & things to do keeps growing by the minute. But the number one thing on my list right now is to snap out of it and get into the present moment! 

Because tomorrow is Father’s Day! And I honestly couldn’t be luckier in that department – my husband, my dad and my father-in-law not to mention my brother & brother-in-law are all amazing people and incredible fathers and uncles.

(The dads in Sheri’s life are also fantastic and amazing but I’m sure she’ll tell you about them tomorrow! 😃)

So I’m gonna suck down a huge iced coffee, go for a walk and try to get my head into the weekend game. Because I want to be good & ready to celebrate these guys:

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