Happy Father’s Day!

Day 315 of 365: Sheri

I’ve been blessed with a loving, wonderful family. They are supportive beyond words. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to take this scary, awesome journey into entrepreneurship. Today, I want to honor the amazing fathers in my life. I love them all so very much…starting with my own father! This man is one in a million. The word supportive doesn’t quite do him justice. My entire life, he has had my back in a way that I can’t describe. So supportive that at times, it seemed like my interests, became his interests. It’s remarkable.


He LOVES being a Papa!


Then there is my incredible husband. Watching morph into a father so seamlessly. He is a natural and our boys absolutely adore him. The moment he became a father, he became the best father our boys could hope for. Here he is on day one with both boys:

This is one of my all-time favorites. Look at Quinn’s face! He LOVES his daddy. We all do.


And then there is the man who has accepted me into his family as one of his own. An amazingly patient, loving man…my father in law:


And last but certainly not least, my grandfather. The definition of a family man. Unwavering commitment to and love for all of us. The very best grandfather and now “GG” anyone could have:


Happy Father’s Day!

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