I’m a Belieber. 

Day 318 of 365: Steph

This morning when I got into the car, the first song I heard was “Let me Love You” by Justin Bieber….and I knew it was gonna be an awesome day.

Confession: I am a belieber (translation: HUGE Justin Bieber Fan). And you know what? Sheri is too. So when I heard that song on my way to meet her today it was a sign that today was gonna be great. 

And it was! I got so much done today and felt incredibly efficient. Here’s what happened:

6 am – wake up and take care of morning routine.

7:30 am -head out. Hear BIEBER. Meet Sheri at 8 am and work until 11ish am and GET SHIT DONE. 

11:30 am – Head home. Nurse Clara, make lunch for Maddy, answer emails, eat lunch while answering more emails. 

12:30 pm – Go to Target to load up on the supplies we need for our upcoming broadcast sponsorship program with Boston25 (formerly FOX25). Holy crap we need a lot of crap. Look at my car! (No we don’t need diapers for Zip Trip but I said I was efficient didn’t I?)

(do you love our FRESH Comm branded sunglasses? cuz I do…)

2:00 – Go home and GET MORE SHIT DONE (i.e. Plan out a project management system for our SECOND company…yah- did we mention we are officially launching a second company with two other partners who are the male version of us? More on that later…)

3:00- Give Clara a quick bath, nurse her, and with the help of Rich (all of this is with the help of a Rich whom without I would get NOTHING done) load the girls into the car and take them to my sisters.

4:00 – Read/answer some emails while at my sisters. Hold unofficial focus group for one of our clients. 

(Tried to get a pic of Maddy but boy is that challenging these days!)

5:00- Impromtu dinner party at my sisters. And THIS…a gin and tonic with very fancy gin my brother in law gave me. I need this…

( 🎤🎤🎤Don’t ya give up nah nah nah I won’t give up nah nah nah Let me love you…🎤🎤🎤that’s me singing Bieber to my gin & tonic in case you’re wondering)

After that, we’ll head home, do bedtime routine, clean the house up and maybe I’ll do a few push-ups…maybe.

Note to self: Create a Bieber playlist. 

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