Prep. Primp. Practice.

Day 319 of 365:

It’s go-time. I’ve been talking to myself all day trying to practice my talking points while prepping food for tomorrow’s segment. Like my buns joke? Motherhood may have stolen MY buns but it didn’t get my sense of humor. By the way, the salad that we are featuring is DELISH. Here’s the RECIPE. I needed to substitute arugula for the frisée because THREE grocery stores did not have frisée. That’s what I get for choosing a fancy salad.

[Funny side story…my Dad sometimes accidentally calls arugula (the variety of lettuce) “Aguilera” (the variety of Christina.) The first time it happened, we were all very confused.]

Anyway, today, I brought multi-tasking to a whole new level:

  • Pumping + Painting Nails/Toes + Blogging 
  • Pore Cleansing + chopping veggies + professional development (i.e. listening to a podcast)

Time to grill some turkey burgers, pack a million things and do some writing for another client. If you’re in the Boston area, we’ll be live at approximately 9:05am on FOX/Boston 25! 

PS: I’m aware that my toes are not likely to make it into this segment. Even if they are exceptionally cute and appropriately painted in CRANBERRY colored polish. 

PPS: I recently read this article in the NYTimes about the BENEFITS of talking to yourself. PHEW. 

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