Confessions of a “Yes Girl”

Day 324 of 365: Steph

OMG guys. Tired doesn’t even describe it accurately. I’m barely thinking straight. But I need to write this post right now bc I’m currently obsessed with this topic. I just hope I can do it justice. Please please please weigh in on this bc we’d love to hear your experiences with this topic as well!!! 

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, learning when to say “no” is hugely important to running a successful business. Actually, it’s important to running a successful LIFE. But I haven’t always known that. And in fact, I’m more naturally inclined to YES just about everything and everyone. I am a make-people-happy-aholic. But that is stopping right here right now!!!! Well maybe not overnight but I am working ridiculously hard  to identify when and how to say “no thank you.”

This is definitely a “recovery” situation for both myself and Sheri. In the past, we have both been too quick to say yes to work, plans, travel, favors, events, etc. etc. Luckily, the first step is to admit you have a problem. So that’s done. Next is to actually say “no” when asked to do something that is not the best use of your time. The way to do this, I think, is to not be afraid of losing the business. When you first start out, that’s really hard because you want the clients and sales. But now that we are almost a year into this thing, I can feel that fear of missing out on business (FOMOOB) fading and my desire to spend my time wisely growing stronger.

Because in this new life, our time is more valuable than it has ever been.   Time working is time away from our families. So that time better accomplish two things:

  1. Growing our business
  2. Delighting our clients

If is not doing either of those things then it has to be a no. 

We need to be really strategic and purposeful with how we spend our time. And we are getting better at it but still have a long way to go in terms of becoming masterful at it. All tips/experiences/advice you can share is greatly appreciated!


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