What NOT to do.

Day 323 of 365: Sheri

I’m pretty sure that I’m still recovering from Friday’s 3am wake-up call, a very busy weekend and a crazy evening so this will be quick.

Today, I reviewed a resume for an entrepreneurial position. The resume opened with an introduction paragraph. In it, I saw the following…

  • a hashtag
  • the acronym “AKA”
  • an ampersand

It’s been a while since I wrote a cover letter but, seriously, I don’t know what to think. I can forgive an accidental ampersand but a hashtag? AKA? Part of me wants to meet her because anyone with this level of confidence is just plain intriguing. Perhaps the interview should be conducted over cocktails?

I’m fascinated. Is this a “thing”? I Googled it because I needed to know. I didn’t find anything that makes me think this is common practice (phew.)  In fact, the only thing I found was an HR blogger who was joking about someone actually using a hashtag in a resume. And, the blog was appropriately titled Top 10 Resume Blunders.

Your thoughts?

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