Eggggcellent Day! 

Day 327 of 365: Sheri

It’s our second day (of 10!) waking up in the middle of the night to get camera ready. Jealous?!

The first question I ask myself when I get up this early is…how much concealer is it going to take for me to look like a functioning human today? The answer is always the same: a shit ton. 

(Sidenote: if you have an under-eye concealer you love or happen to sell such products, I’d be very vulnerable to a sales pitch over the next 10 weeks…) 

Today’s broadcast was a good 75 min drive from home but it was a great day. The event was packed! Steph rocked the segment, per usual! Check it out! The only thing missing is the chicken dance! 😉Here she is with our friend, Mrs. Hen:

Fun fact about that Hen costume…it’s air conditioned. No joke. The Country Hen does not mess around! Such a great company. 

As usual we were forced to pump in the most visible/bizarre place…very thankful for tinted windows and car power adapters! 

Here’s the spread…

And us goofing around…because that’s what you do when you’ve been up since 3am, had too much coffee, and are about to be swarmed by 2000 strangers! 

After driving home, I had a quick lunch, did some errands and a bit of emailing and pick up the boys. Now off to a cookout tonight and lake-bound tomorrow. Happy looong weekend! 

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