Day 330 of 365: Steph

Well first of all – wow – only 35 days left on Momtrepreneur. Crazy. 

I’ve been “summering” on Cape Cod my whole life. My family has a house – well two houses now so more like a compound – in Harwich. It’s a great spot with many beach filled fun-in-the-sun memories. In the past, we have gone almost every summer weekend. So last week we were in full cape trip planning mode when on Thursday night we said “what if we just stayed home this weekend?”

It hadn’t even occurred to me that staying put was a possibility. I thought about it and quickly realized that a long weekend at home would give us time to accomplish a lot of things like:

  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Exercising 
  • Dealing with the piles of laundry that got even bigger when we came home from the Cape last weekend
  • Relax? Maybe?

Well so far we have done all of the above except gardening! I even got to watch a TV show IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I also have been able to get in a workout each day, plan out our meals, and take a nap! It’s crazy what a little staycation can do. 

We’ll be heading back to the Cape on Friday this week. And I’m really looking forward to it! I think we’ll be going every other weekend instead of every weekend this year. With two babies and 3 am wake ups every Friday,  it’s much more sane that way! 

Some staycation pics:

Sleeping in….

Attempting to “run” up a hill with a double stroller. 😂😂😂😂


More swimming…


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