Lovely Little Saturday

Day 335 of 365: Sheri

I knew today was going to be a great day when I woke up at 7:45 and over an hour later, I still saw this beautiful sight…note that Quinn AND Jon are asleep in the monitor. 

Then little Owen woke up and we had a nice little cuddle/nurse fest: 

(Any Harry Potter fans out there will appreciate this onesie…Jon tried to convince me to have a HP themed WEDDING. He lost that battle in a hot second.

I even had time to make myself a delicious breakfast sandwich…egg, prosciutto, avocado and baby kale on an English muffin. 

Then when the boys woke up at about 9, we did some cleaning up and chores around the house before heading out to a big treat-The Circus! Quinn was just a little excited: 

The Circus was basically parental HELL. It was SO hot. But Quinn had fun. At intermission, he was a little antsy, so we left early with our friends and went to the semi-new brewery in town for a little adult fun. This brewery is so cool because it’s completely laid-back and family friendly. They even have board games and crayons to keep kiddos entertained. 

Now we are winding down with Moana. …once everyone is in bed my plan is to FINALLY send out Owen’s birth announcements…just shy of his 4 month birthday. 🙈 Better late than never, right? Hope you’re having a great weekend! 

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