Cape Recap

Day 336 of 365: Steph

29 days to go people!!!

We had a great weekend at the Cape. The weather cleared up and my girls were in great moods the whole time. Now we are home and they are both napping. #WIN 

We spent the weekend with my sister, her daughter Jill and Jill’s friend Kelly and my dad.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Out for breakfast at our regular breakfast spot in Harwich: Bonnatt’s

These three swam across Sand Pond in the pouring rain! Champions!

Beach trips are fun (I guess) but I’m pretty sure I aged like five years in a matter of five minutes when my fearless toddler dove head first into a huge wave. Don’t worry, I caught her before her head went under thank god. Beach trips are NOT what they used to be #amiright?

Out for dinner at an AMAZING restaurant that has a fenced in area where the kiddos can run wild while you sip wine and eat gazpacho #ANOTHERWIN…Seriously though if you are ever in Harwich with kids and are looking for a great restaurant go to the Mad Minnow. You’re welcome. 

Out for ice cream at our favorite ice cream stop: Sundae School!

We’ll be heading back to the Cape a lot this summer! Every time we leave we spend the whole car ride home planning our next visit! Until then…

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