Good to be back!

Day 337 of 365: Sheri

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you may recall that we have an “office.” This “office” is really the corner of a warehouse that my father’s company rents. We (and by we, I mean, our husbands) created make-shift walls/partitions and it’s truly start-up life.

We really haven’t used this office much. Truth be told, it totally skeeved us out while we were pregnant because we both experienced first trimester misery in this space. The smell of it just took us back to that awful nauseous state. So, we took a break and haven’t been here since February. Once the littles arrived, we started working from our houses or coffee shops. But, today we decided to come back to the warehouse because we had a lot going on and our usual Monday meeting place (AKA my kitchen) was not available.

I thought that I might feel nauseous again when I got here (so did Steph) but we were actually really productive and pleasantly surprised that we didn’t feel sick at all. My desk calendar gives you a sense of our state when we were last here. First of all, it’s still on the month of OCTOBER. Secondly, check out this little note that I must have written to Steph in the middle of a conference call:

(Ahh….can I just tell you how happy I am to NOT be pregnant?!)

I think this little office is going to work out for us, after all!

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