It was a good run.

Day 339.5 of 365: Sheri

After 338 days, it finally happened. I forgot to post yesterday. No excuses. I was just exhausted and completely focused on getting to bed. It was a good run….🙁


Quick recap. Yesterday was busy! We had a great meeting with a new client and there appears to be many ways we can collaborate. One big project we’ve been working on, was designed to help us generate more retainer-level or ongoing clients. This meeting was a result of that project so it appears to be working! We are excited to see how it evolves and how much work it helps secure. After a quick lunch/pump break, we had three back-to-back meetings, all of which were very interesting. The first was with our partners from company #2. They are serial entrepreneurs and, as Steph has mentioned, the male version of us. We love talking to them and especially enjoy brainstorming together. They are smart guys and our collective skill-sets are very complimentary. Then, the four of us met with a professional chef, who generously let us pick his brain for a couple hours. We wrapped up the day by interviewing a potential candidate to bring on-board to help bring company #2 to market. This was just the first candidate we’ve met so it will be interesting to see how she compares to others!

OK- time to re-focus. Sorry for yesterday’s mental block.

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