Should I shower orrr…

Day 340 of 365: Steph 

Now I cannot say that I’ve ever been the most frequent shower taker of all time (that’s my sister), but there is a distinct difference between how many showers I took pre-motherhood and now. And that difference is that I shower a LOT less these days.

Come on, Moms. Don’t be shy. You know you’ve been there. When you literally cannot remember the last time you bathed. I can’t be alone! And if I am well, then I’m a lot like this guy….

NOTE: You’ll only get the joke if you’ve seen minions at least one hundred times like me.

Moving on…

Showers take time and time is precious so every time I’m going to do it I think to myself: Should I shower now or should I….

  • Wash the dishes
  • Do some work
  • Go for a run or exercise
  • Play with Madeline
  • Bathe one of the girls 
  • Take a nap (😂JK that never happens)
  • Do some laundry
  • Clean something?
  • Write M365?
  • The list goes on forever

My mom and niece are here and Clara is sleeping and Rich is working  in the studio. It’s prime time to shower. But of course I procrastinated to 1.) Write this post and 2.) Drink this latte because #priorities…more important to be caffeinated than clean! Right? You don’t agree? Whatever. 

Ok I’m gonna go shower now seriously. 

(Sorry Ro. I’m sure I just sufficiently offended you)

And to everyone else, sorry not sorry!

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