Making Moves!

Day 342 of 365: Steph

We always knew/hoped there was going to come a point where it would be clear that it was time to hire someone. But I never really knew what that time would look like or how we would know for sure that it was the right time…and also what that person would do!

Well it’s clear now that we are ready. So we are going to hire someone to help with business development while the two of us continue to handle the creative projects and client relations.

Our plan is to write the job post next week and have our board review it the week after. And then it’s go time! We have a few ideas on how to share the job description and we are super excited about starting the interview process! 

It’s easy to get into a comfort zone when you’re running a biz. But my philosophy is that if you’re comfortable you’re not learning. We are pushing full speed ahead on the hiring process because we want to grow and it’s time to make a move!

It’s going to be a great learning process. We both have a tendency to be like this…

So we will have to 1.) hire someone who we fully admire and trust and 2.) ease up a bit on the control freak factor!

Have you ever hired someone? What’s your best piece of advice for us? I’ve had some experience but I think there is ALWAYS something to learn with hiring. It’s tricky business! Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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