Remember who you were. Embrace who you’ve become.

Day 346 of 365: Steph

Today as I was driving to the office my first thought was to put on a podcast and start my day by thinking about business. That’s pretty typical. 

But when I got into the car, my Bluetooth automatically started and the unplugged version of “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit came on. I was immediately brought back to the days before motherhood. This was my jam back then. In fact, I specifically remember telling one of my co-workers at the restaurant where I worked during grad school that this song “matched my insides.”

I wondered – could I still relate? I listened and allowed myself to indulge in memories of my younger self…my younger life. And then as each song ended another song from my past would follow. I wondered if this was a sign from the universe to sit back and reflect on how far I’ve come…how I went from single to married to married with children to married with two children and a couple of businesses in a matter of 7 short years. It’s remarkable how much change can happen in such little time if you think about it.

You might expect that I felt nostalgic. And in a way I did. I miss being able to kick back with Rich over a bottle of proseco (my go-to drink back then) and stay up all night without a worry in the world. But we will do that again one day in like 18 years! Right now, there is so much magic in our lives that I wouldn’t give up for anything.  And so the overwhelming feeling I had this morning was gratitude.

Thankful for who I was back then because it led me to who I’ve become today. All I can hope for is that in another 7 short years, I’ll feel the same way when I hear the sound track of my current life aka “the wheels on the bus” and the ABCs.



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