This is partnership! 

Day 347 of 365: Steph again!

We’re switching it up! I’m posting two days in a row bc my poor partner in crime has had a CRAZY day which is turning into a crazy night followed by a VERY early morning. 

We had several meetings planned today (4 in a row to be exact) but we also have a lot of WORK to do. So I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking we should divide and conquer to maximize time and productivity. Unfortunately, Sheri got the short end of the stick. While I stayed home and made this….

…and also worked on some presentations, Sheri headed out into the big bad world and went to ALL of our meetings. She was the one to organize them all so it made more sense for her to go and for me to test/photograph the recipe since I have been the main point of contact for this client. Meetings turned into more meetings which turned into traffic. And now tonight she has to go out again because we need an extra 6 foot table and folding chairs for tomorrow’s Zip Trip. OYE. So we are switching M365 days. It works out bc I am flying solo with the girls this weekend bc Rich has a bachelor party! (whoop whoop Mike!!!) So I’ll welcome the night off from blogging tomorrow when I’m alone w the girls. 

So please, join me in sending good vibes to my very busy partner! Thank you Sheri for taking one (or several) for the team today!!!!!! 😘

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