Beachin’ It.

Day 348 of 365: Sheri

I’m back! Thanks to Steph for posting on my behalf. Yesterday was a doozy. 

It’s FRIDAY so that means we were up early. This week we were filming at the beach! The silver lining to waking up at 3:30a is that you get to see some pretty beautiful sunrises. 

The morning went well and our sponsor was very happy. The beach was a bit of a logistical challenge for the nursing momtrpreneur. We both pumped on the side of a busy road… I’m afraid that two State Troopers, several unsuspecting pedestrians and a port-o-potty delivery guy got quite a show. Oh well! Anything for Owen and Clara. 

It was HOT day and we were directly in the sun for 4 hours. By the end, we were ready to jump in the ocean. But life didn’t let that happen today- we both needed to get back to the kiddos. Now, we are headed north! Two sleepy boys, a sleepy dog and one sleepy mama. Luckily our driver is in good shape. 

Have a good weekend! 

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