Day 350 of 365: Sheri

Today, was an absolutely gorgeous day in New Hampshire. Not too hot, not too cool- the perfect weather for blueberry picking! My sister-in-law and I took Quinn to an adorable family-owned blueberry farm. There were TONS of berries. He loved it! I’m pretty sure he ate his weight in blueberries.

I’ve always enjoyed picking apples and berries and now, as a dietitian and mom, I see so much value in these activities. Learning and experiencing where food comes from and how it’s grown is a great way to help kids develop healthy habits. My little guy was already pretty obsessed with blueberries but I’m glad he now knows how they’re grown and had the opportunity to thank a farmer! 

After berry picking, we had a relaxing afternoon that even included an (accidental) nap with Owen while Quinn and Jon were out swimming:

Now it’s time to refocus- we’ve got a board meeting and a couple of important clients meetings this week so it’s going to be busy. Hope you had a great weekend! 

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