Happy Monday!

Day 351 of 365: Steph

We worked from our office today. We started the day by taking to the white board with what we’d like to get accomplished this week. Then we prioritized each item in order of importance. Then we decided which items we would get done today.

So either we are getting more realistic about what we can accomplish in any given day or our efficiencies are improving. It’s probably a combination of both. Because we got all of it done. Huzzah! 

And now I’m home and making dinner while Rich plays with Maddy and Clara is in her swings listening to Enya. (I have Sheri’s husband to thank for that musical idea!)

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:

Tuesday – Board Meeting and proposal writing.

Wednesday – Client meetings

Thursday – Recipe development and cooking day for a client

Friday – Zip Trip. 

And here are some more girlie pics!

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