Meet Mary.

Day 352 of 365: Sheri 

This is Mary. I hit the nanny jackpot 2 years ago when I found her. She is a baby whisperer, an expert toddler negotiator and literally one of my favorite people. She also happens to live 1/2 between Steph and I. So this year, Mary became OUR nanny. 

 Just when I didn’t think I could love Mary any more, she offered to take care of ALL FOUR KIDS today. Typically, my mother-in-law has the boys on Tuesdays but she’s on vacation. And, today was our board meeting so, I needed to figure something out. We were a little reluctant because, well, FOUR KIDS UNDER 2.5?! But, we never should have questioned it. 

Saint Mary managed to keep everyone happy and healthy, braided Maddy’s hair AND when we walked in, 3 of the 4 kids were napping and the 4th was half-asleep on the couch. She also somehow managed to document this mayhem. This woman is the real deal. 


Thank goodness for Mary! ❤️

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