Smooth Sailing

Day 354 of 365: Sheri

Do you ever have days when you’re sure that your kids are conspiring against you? Me too. 

But thankfully, today was not one of them. In fact, today, I was finally sure that they really do love me and want me to succeed in life. 😉 Everything just went smoothly. 

Jon had a work outing tonight, so I was flying solo. I somehow managed to shower and pack up the Zip-Trip mobile (AKA my SUV) for tomorrow’s news segment….and we all ate dinner. It’s amazing how accomplished and badass I feel for completely these basic chores.  Quinn even gave me a pedicure:

While the day ended well, it started off a bit rocky. I went to a meeting and upon arrival, realized I forgot my laptop bag and notebook. You might be thinking, “wow, Sheri is a total flake.” While that might be true, before you judge, look at the number of bags I carry with me these days (this was taken after I picked up my laptop bag)…

From left, you have…my pump bag, my laptop bag, my clothes bag, cooler bag, purse and grocery bag. I’M A BAG LADY.

I was embarrassed to go to the meeting without anything. Fortunately, the meeting was right next to The Paper Store, so I decided to pick up a pretty new notebook. 

The meeting was awesome. And so was the rest of my day. I did some recipe testing with my friends Whitney, Mariah and Celine (aka 90’s Love Songs on Pandora) 

And got to pig out on the final product: Moroccan Sliders with Dill-Mint Yogurt

Some days you win, some you lose. Today I won! Going to bed now because 3:30am comes reeeeeaaal fast. Goodnight! 

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