Naahhf*ck (it)

Day 362 of 365: Sheri

Today's Zip Trip was in Norfolk, MA. I had no idea that there was a town called Norfolk until this project. Learning about it turned out to be a lesson in phonetics because people in Norfolk pronounce it in a way that sounds exactly like they are dropping an f bomb. Nahfuck.

Turns out Nahfuck is a good hour away so my alarm was set for 2:50am…and I woke up to a text from Stephanie that said "See you in Nor-fuckitsearly." Well played, Steph👌🏻

ZT was great fun today- we got to collaborate with a fellow Momtreprenuer and dietitian, Liz Ward. And, the segment focused on a topic near and dear to us- milk!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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