Poor Owen.

Day 364 of 365: Sheri

Is this my last post? Or maybe it's leap year in M365 world? Either way, I feel like you deserve much more than you're about to get. 😬

This weekend, productivity was the name of the game. We are taking tomorrow off to go to the spa plant shrubs around our new patio. In preparation, we having been "designing" our patio beds (and by designing, I mean bickering over what should go where) and buying the plants. We borrowed a pick-up truck but sure enough, the nursery recommended we put one of the plants in the back of our SUV…with the boys. Poor Owen had an hour drive with a tree all up in his scene. Thankfully, it didn't appear to bother him much!

Today, we had a potential babysitter/mother's helper come over. Since it was her first time meeting us, she just played for a couple of hours with Quinn while Jon did yard work and I went grocery shopping with Owen. I've officially mastered the art of buying a week of groceries with an infant car seat in the cart. Again, poor Owen.

To any of you new moms out there…

You'll find that this method can be tricky. When you load up the groceries and sneak them all around your poor unsuspecting infant, all seems well. BUT, once the groceries get bagged, it's a different story. However, the key is to take advantage of the little hook-like design in the cart. Some teen-aged grocery bagger working at Market Basket taught me this trick when I was about to burst into tears one time shortly after I had Quinn.


If you didn't know this trick or have never noticed the hook thingies on the carts (I hadn't!)….you're welcome. Side note: Please don't hate me for (consistently) forgetting my reusable bags. And, if I'm confessing my non-green habits…I really love paper towels. 🙈

Since the theme of this post seems to be my poor second child…I just put him to bed and I'm pretty sure he's trying to tell me that he's getting too big for his bassinet….

Poor Owen!

I'm going to go relax/fight over shrubs. I have a feeling you'll hear from me again so I won't officially say goodbye… but I will say goodnight!

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