One year.

Day 365 of 365: Steph

Well here we are! It’s Day 365 and I’m having bittersweet feelings about it! Writing M365 this year has been such a great way for us to process the changes we have been through like:

  • Quitting great jobs and entering the great unknown of entrepreneurship
  • Launching a business and learning how to grow it (still learning!)
  • The scary but incredibly wonderful curveball of not one but TWO pregnancies! And then the awesome life-changing experience of having them.
  • The delicate (or clumsy 😂) balance of work and life…if there is such a thing.

But at the same time, I have to say I am going to welcome the extra time I’m getting back into my day now that this journey is coming to an end. Our business is picking up speed and sometimes by the end of the day, I only have one thing left in me to do. And the reality is that I should be spending that last dose of energy on the business and nothing else!

Writing M365 has also helped me process the emotional roller coaster that comes with the territory of being a business owner and a mom. It takes a thick skin, an unwavering sense of optimism and a deep well of energy to handle the ups and downs that are inevitable with both of these roles. And having this community to talk to has not only made it more tolerable, it’s actually made it fun. It has forced me to look on the positive side and see the humor in things. Knowing that you have been reading these posts and that we have your support has kept me feeling strong. So thank you for that.

I also want to give a shout out to my awesome friend Mike Rigazio who has shared EVERY SINGLE ONE of our posts on Facebook. Mike, your support is so appreciated. You are officially and forever MIKEtrepreneur. 😂

You guys are ALL the best. Thanks for joining us on this journey. And if you read all the way to this point…stay tuned for an encore. 😜


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