About Us

We are highly energetic and also more tired than we’ve ever been. We are extremely positive but also skeptical of most things. We are organized chaos at it’s finest. We walked away from comfortable management positions to launch our own business. And we decided to launch this blog at the same time. Oh, and we have crazy, adorable, doughy little toddlers.

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Our Purpose: To create at least 365 blog posts during our first year as new business owners. To create a community of like-minded moms who have big goals, big dreams, and BIG shoes to fill in the workplace and at home.

Our Promise: For 365 days starting from the launch of our business (August 8, 2016) we will write at least one blog post every day. The posts might be long or short. They might be happy or sad. They might even contain a curse word or two. Writing will vary, but what we can guarantee is this: every single post will be uncensored and crafted with the hope that we will help, inspire and connect with our tribe of momtrepreneurs.